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Our Mission

We provide convenient access to the natural essence of flavor by using fermentation as a food transformation tool. Our ingredients focus on reducing food waste and redefining it in its true meaning.

The Garum Project

  • Is dedicated to research and has a research lab at the NOI Tech Park in Bolzano, Italy
  • Has been working with the Laimburg Institute since 2018 to push the boundaries of their concept and products 
  • Was founded by three partners: Mattia, Stephanie, and Gregor


Taste, redefined

At the Garum Experience, Mattia and Gregor show you how they see the world of gastronomy in the future. You enter, so to speak, a research laboratory for food, drink, spa and hotel business. The two protagonists leave all guidelines behind and freely implement their ideas, forming their world of gastronomy.

The start is marked by the Experience im Alpes. A restaurant that doesn't want to be a restaurant after all. It is rather a play in several acts, presented by the main actors Mattia and Gregor, co-created by the guests of the evening. A journey through the wonderful world of natural food and drink. 

The facts:

Fixed menu without choices in several acts

Joint seating at one table, up to a maximum of 6 people per evening

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Founder & Board Member


Founder & Microbe Whisperer


Founder & CEO

Our Location

Company location

The Garum Project
Via A.Volta 13a
39100 Bozen


Contact Information

message  info@garumproject.com

Switzerland Office (de, eng, esp)
phone  +41 79 780 0780

 Italy Office (it, eng)

phone  +39 351 148 7070